Transformative Travel

The best trips are those we return from feeling richer, changed, alive, and renewed. For me, the secret is in the connections made by meeting people who are passionate about what they do and how they live.  Hearing their stories and seeing the world through their eyes offers a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity.  It’s my goal to share these amazing experiences with my clients. I offer highly customized itineraries and experiences based on the places I’ve traveled and the people I’ve met along the way.


Travel Consulting

Need help getting your group ready for a trip? Need add-ons for existing tours? Want the inside scoop on your destinations before you travel? Can’t figure out how to organize your travel bags? I’ve got this!

Custom Itineraries

DIY Support- I’ll do all the research and leg work, building out a fantastic itinerary ready for you to book! It’s an easy day to include restaurant recommendations and tips and trips as well!

Full Travel Services

Sit back and relax and let me do to heavy lifting! This service includes building out the entire trip as well as all of the bookings.  Travel angels in-country to be your concierge are available with this service!

Featured Trips

Frühlings Fest

Missed Oktoberfest this fall? Fruhlings (Spring) Fest is right around the corner and is arguably better than the much bigger fest in Munich! Take advantage of your time in Germany and tour BMW or the Porsche factory, experience German mineralthermes, or hop over to France for the day!

Frühlings Fest

The new Black Forest

This isn’t a (Grimm’s) fairy tale trip! This trip gives new definition to a brocation! Tour Monkey 47 gin distillery, rent a Porsche for the day, mountain bike the challenging terrain, stay at a swanky modern hotel with stunning rooftop, and of course the best beer gardens!!

Italian Amarone

An Italian vineyard will be your home base as you explore all of the local wineries in the stunning Valpolicella region. Learn from the winemakers themselves about how the wines native to the region,  valpolicella, ripasso, and amarone, are made. The trip culminates with a visit to the winery whose founder is considered the grandfather of Amarone.

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